Moving to a new location is quite interesting, but at the same time, it will cause a little stress too. You have to inform your clients about your new place and make sure everything was shifted carefully. Particularly on office moving, you need to pack all electronics, collect all data about the project, and furniture equipment. Are you thinking of moving your office to a new location? Here are the 5 crucial office moving tips to save from last-minute plans.

1. Plan Early and Wisely

When you plan to move your office to a new location, the first important thing to do is inform your coworkers and customers about the new site. So, they can prepare to find the new office location and come on time as usual. This avoids reaching the office in a delayed manner and pending works. Next, you have to make sure all the work processes are not stopped due to the relocation. For that, make an excel sheet, get all the project details in that sheet from the workers, and then confirm the work's continuity once when they reach the new office location.
It is unnecessary to relocate all the office items that include broken chairs, repaired electronic items, etc. Why are you paying for moving things that you don't use anymore? First, split all the essential items and non-important items. The non-important items check for too old, damaged items or no more needed for the office. Donate the items to charities or sell them to other people.

2. Packaging and Labeling

While packaging, don't try to dump all items in a bag. Make a list of your items to move and split it into different categories. For example, you may have glass products that are easily broken items; keep it as a separate category. While packaging, always keeps same category items in the bag. This avoids searching for the item in a time of emergency.
In-between packaging items, label every bag as one, two, three, etc. You can also paste a paper that contains the list of the thing present inside the bag. If your moving company misses any bags during travel, the label will help you find which bag was cut, and you can make a claim for that.

Sometimes this process can become tedious; professional packers use quicker ways to label and demark items for a more effortless post-moving experience. New Jersey Office Movers like All Around Moves is a leading professional office mover with 360 office relocation solutions. Get a 10% discount now!

3. Move Less Important Items First

A sudden office moving plan always leaves you confused. You don't know how to relocate things in the mid-of-work. It is best suggested to move the less critical items first. The above points first split the office items into essential items on one side and non-important things. First, shift all the non-necessary items since it will not stop your work. After shifted, arrange all the non-important items in their respective places.
Coming to essential items, ask the coworkers to prepare a log file or excel sheet about the work process. Also, check all the employees taken a backup of their works either in Pen drive or stored on the cloud. This will help you in case the item is damaged during relocation or missed. You can easily claim the moving company's amount, buy the new forgotten items, and resume the work using the backup. After getting explicit confirmation from the coworkers, start moving the essential things. During this time, ask your workers to reach the new location a little early. You can easily set up your new office with your workers' help as soon as the essential items get to the new office location.

4. Get Insurance

Insurance! Why do I need to buy the Insurance, and what is its importance? Well, Insurance helps you get coverage if any items got broken or missed when you relocate things. It also allows you to become financially free. When you hire an office moving company , be sure to ask and confirm whether they have car damage insurance and workers compensation type insurance. If a moving company offers you the insurance coverage, without thinking twice, opt-in first.
It is also best to get workers' compensation insurance for your workers too. You can at least get partially damage coverage if they get injuries during moving items. This helps your workers to get treatment using insurance amounts.

5. Hire a Professional Moving Company

Whether it's a preplanned or last-minute plan, why can't you try hiring a moving company for that? It is highly recommended if you live in New Jersey to find a professional moving company like All Around Moves, searching   for the office moving process. Since they already deal with many moving services with other companies, they can easily track the issues and help you move your items to the new location in a short time.

Finding a good moving company is simple and has many ways. You can try asking your partners, relatives, and friends about the company. If no one knows, check out the companies reviews online. This will gives you an idea. Don't stick with only one company. Try to get quotes from at least 3 companies, and then choose 1 that best suits you. To understand the passage better, call one representative from each company and ask to explain the quote. A simple phone call will not help you to decide on a better one. After you confirmed hiring the agency, don't forget to bargain. Bargain will permanently save you some money that can be used in future works.


Moving office location is a good choice that you may be planned to grow your office by picking a little significant location. Hiring a full-service office moving company is best for a last-minute plan. They will also work for packing items, loading, unloading, and unpacking items. Even though it is challenging to move all items, hiring an office moving company will surely help. To get more ideas and to move things fast, the moving company will help you in all ways. Any office moving companies you hire, confirm the company is licensed to do the work and insured.