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All Around Moves commercial moving is committed to migrating your business location as smoothly as possible, enabling you to focus on the more important stuff.

We are a leading commercial moving company based in New Jersey. With years of experience, the company offers top-notch commercial moving services to businesses of all sizes.

Whether you are relocating your office, retail store, or warehouse, our team offers you the expertise and equipment to handle all your commercial moving needs. The company takes pride in its prompt, efficient, and professional service, making the transition process as seamless as possible.

Their primary focus is customer satisfaction and ensuring your commercial move is completed on time and within budget. Trust All Around Moves for all your commercial moving needs in New Jersey.


Office and Business Moving Made Easy and Convenient!

Moving an office or business is a critical and sometimes risky process. The longer it takes, the lengthier the downtime for your business is. Then there's the risk of losing or damaging your assets, not which is a nightmare of its own.

A well-planned and executed Corporate moving strategy can minimize disruptions and ensure a smooth transition for your business. Our team of experts will handle all aspects of your Corporate moving needs, from planning to execution, to provide you with a stress-free Business relocation experience. We can move your office or business to another location without hassle.

We Understand Your Requirements

Most DIY moving ideas fail miserably due to the lack of experience or extensive planning. They also need more specialized knowledge for each business sector. That's why the journey begins with full-fledged planning and consultation with us.

We have a team of experienced Commercial Movers who are well-versed in handling all types of businesses, regardless of size or sector. Our office movers bring specialized knowledge and expertise, ensuring a successful and seamless office relocation process.

Let us help you move your business efficiently and confidently with our top-notch new jersey movers at your side.

The Right Approaches for the Right Industry

We understand that every industry has unique characteristics, so Warehouse moving and IT equipment moving require specialized attention. Our goal is to give your business the treatment it deserves by diving deep into its unique requirements.

Whether you need to move a warehouse or transport IT equipment, our team has the knowledge and experience to get the job done right.

Our team of experts will take the time to understand your business's specific needs and challenges, ensuring a successful and seamless relocation process.

Trust us to handle all aspects of your all moving needs, minimizing downtime and maximizing your return to operations.

Extensive Security and Packaging Insurance

We also provide you with packing insurance to take that extra step and ensure the safety of your valuable items. AAM does not treat anything lightly, no matter how light it may be in weight.

Be it tiny, trivial, or challenging — we take our time to wrap everything up individually to eliminate the possibility of any damage.

Every item we pack goes through careful wrapping that ensures sufficient padding and security, no matter how small or big the distance. Hence, you can rest assured that all of your fragile items are just as safe as the tougher ones.

Wondering What We Can Move?

Well, virtually any business or office! Here's a little glimpse:

  • Retail stores with tons of smaller products need extensive care, organizing, and labeling during packaging and moving.

  • Medical offices or institutions with state-of-the-art, expensive equipment requires specialized treatment and planning. Instead, we give fragile items the care that they deserve.

  • Corporate moving is where the moving has to be done swiftly, and things need to be up and running in no time. Be it documents or furniture —we eliminate the possibility of business disruption and keep the assets as they need to be — safe and tidy.

  • We can also help move educational institutions with tons of large and small equipment. We'll get them relocated and ready for learning before the break.

  • Warehouse moving requires extensive inventorying, severe logistical capabilities, and much more!

Installation Services

Our plans also include the unpacking, installation, and setup of your items. That means we'll get everything out of their wraps and then up and running within no time. That way, you can pick up the pace like you never even paused, minimizing the downtime for your business.

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We'll Even Tidy Up the Old Place!

As one business goes, another comes in to fill that place. So why go through another layer of trouble to clean up the previous business space?

We can also help tidy up that old space to prepare it for the next office to rush in.

Skilled Professionals for Consultation and Planning

  • Are you baffled about how to utilize the new office space and plan the floor? We can provide you with a complete plan for your new location and help figure out the optimal setting for the highest efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Many offices suffer from organizing their essential assets and documents and wondering how you should approach it? Well, we can help you with that and streamline the organizing process.
  • We'll also create a detailed timeline to help you plan the relocation process. That includes everything from the heavy lifting to the installation. So be it one floor or five, six racks or nine — give us the deets and sit back.

We Treat Every Business the Way It Deserves

Whether a small office or a large corporate house — we treat every client the way they deserve to be. Every one of them is a valuable part of our journey, not merely faceless names.

Our commercial moving services reflect that same philosophy and try to make your journey as smooth as possible! We even provide priority support to take that experience one step further.

Well-Trained AAM Super Movers

We don't just pick random Joes and recruit them. Our movers are trained to ensure that we keep providing users with the highest standard throughout the way.

These Super Movers are insanely dedicated to their craft and have the necessary skills to back that up. Be it an unforeseen circumstance or a tricky moving situation, our movers will value your trust and provide the results you expect.

In a Hurry? Leave It to Us!

Running out of time and need to get the moving process done within a short period? We have got your back for that as well.

Our Xpress Relocation service can help you move everything at a blazing pace —including the installation and setup to get started quickly.

Don't worry; we do not lose any security features. So all you gain is the insane speed!

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Our packages include things like floor, wall, and fragile item protection, and the pricing is bound to intrigue you.

Give us a call, lay back, and leave the rest to All Around Moving Company!

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Peace of Mind with Added Benefits and Shifting Protection Plans

We are devoted to relocating your enterprise moving as smoothly as possible, helping you to concentrate on the more significant belongings.

Read about office moving tips

  • Wrap Protection

  • Floor Protection

  • Wall Protection

  • Fragile Items Protection

  • Packing Service Inclusive

  • Unpacking Service Inclusive

  • 2k Sqr. Feet Coverage

  • Installing Service Inclusive

  • Heavy Object Relocation

  • Full Compliance with Industry

  • Priority Support

Prioritize on your Next Location and Leave the Rest for us

We have you covered whether you're moving your professional office or a retail store. Our extensive caring package will offer you total relocation despite the number of trips the carrier requires.

You will have complete control over your business moving plan and where to set things up, no question asked.

Professional offices

Provide you the best shifting experience of your office, from staples to that giant cubicle, and we will disassemble safely and put things back as it was like a pro.

Retail stores

No matter how many itty bitty pieces you have, you will get a complete list and power to track them down after the moving is done. Signboards or freezers are relocated without hindrance to keep your business up and to run.

Medical offices

We know the appliances are super expensive and delicate, too. That's why we will use state-of-the-art gear, wheels, and trucks. Various moving equipment ensures that doctors can resume their practice, and lab technicians can utilize the machine as soon as the shifting is done.

Educational facilities

Desks, chairs, and whiteboards are safe when we move your learning pit to the following location. All you have to do is focus on training your next batch of students and worry nothing about the furniture or goods being intact.

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