Finding Long Distance Mover Near You in New Jersey

All Around Moves is committed to being the helping hand you need when switching houses across the states to and from New Jersey. We have a bunch of trained movers who make moving easy on you, less intimidating, and fun. We specialize in state-to-state moving, furniture moving, and shifting houses.

Our experts take care of the packing and unpacking of your stuff, setting your furniture up in your new house or corporate space, and storage services when you need them. We take pride in the super-responsive customer relations department if things go wrong at any stage during house shifting.

Rest assured, you’re in safe hands transporting essentials from place to place.

We’re one of the Most Versatile Long Distance Moving Companies You’ve Tried!

Our expert movers understand what customers need when shifting places. Whether high-stake commercial moving or affordable moving services for houses, we allow you the space you need. We can plan out your moving schedule and how you want your furniture to be packed and unpacked and transported.

Our team can adapt to your plans if you’re adept at handling all these yourselves. We’re happy being the helping hands you need. We’ll be your silent partners doing whatever you need for the moving. Be it arranging a truck, packing or unpacking your stuff, safe transport, or setting this up.

All Around Moves is there for you!

We Take Pride in Doing Things on Time!

We offer long-distance moving services New Jersey residents trust. Our USP is doing things on a tight schedule and on time. We'll plan things out in advance no matter which state you want us to move your belongings to. Our equipment and experts move your things anywhere inside the US within a week.

Need to store your things while you switch places? Don't worry. We refer to flexible storage plans as well. Feel free to strike up a deal with us and use facilities and relocation centres in NJ to store precious stuff, heavyweight furniture, and essential paperwork while you go through the ordeal.

We Make Long Distance Moving Affordable for You!

Moving your belongings long distances can be deceiving. Other companies may charge you for things, not in your hands (fuel, distance, and unexpected delays) but not us! We calculate the charges based on home/office space, furniture count, difficulty while moving, etc. We’re transparent during the process.

Feel free to contact us up and avail of moving consultancy to get an estimate. The cost will include our trailer space and the relocation we’ll use during the process. Feel we’ve overquoted a bit?

Don’t worry! We’re open to negotiations as well.

Our Transportation Means are Risk-Free and Insured

All Around Moves understands the risk factors when moving your things to and from New Jersey to any state in the US. People often need to move delicate stuff, precious objects, family heirlooms, and essentials and hesitate to entrust them to moving companies. Their concerns are legit. We understand that!

We’ve handpicked our moving vehicles, and we make our arrangements with careful planning. We have trained drivers doing what they do day in and day out. That is, moving your valuables to your new houses. We take pride in being flawless.

Should anything go wrong, our vehicles are insured as well. It will provide our customers with an extra layer of security.

We are Experts in Long Distance Moving with Experience

Our expert team of movers handles long-distance shifting cases day in and day out. We effortlessly plan every move our customers make. They don’t have to stress about it. We scope out your house, the house you’re moving into, and your furniture space while planning. Then, we handle packaging.

Don’t worry. We use appropriate packaging systems for all your essentials (furniture, kids’ stuff, photographs, musical instruments, office documents, etc.).

We load your stuff into our trucks, drive there, unload, unpack, set everything up for you, and even arrange a car for you (if needed) to move there yourselves. Our experts do all these things without you having to move a muscle and work. It’s as easy as making an apple pie.

“All Around Moves” Cleans Up After You!

Moving long distances can get messy. We understand. Debris and left-over dirt can be problematic if left untreated. That’s why we go the extra mile in ensuring your house is clean after you leave. If you think you need help cleaning up all the dirt and picking up the trash, let us handle it for you!

Cleaning up is the add-on service that we offer. You can contact our experts to know more about the service. Let them know the extent of cleanup you need, and they’ll take care of everything for you.

Call Now!

Our Customer Service is Super Responsive to Your Queries and Problems

Moving can become problematic when there’s too much work involved. We understand. We have professionals ready to answer your questions and guide you through situations.

Don’t hesitate to ask us when you’re having trouble keeping up with your long-distance moving checklist.

Do you need additional supplies when moving?

We are here to help. We’ll manage them for you at a moment’s notice. You just have to ask. We’ll deliver everything to your doorstep!

Do you need an extra crew to help you move your stuff?

Our customer service department can arrange that as well. Contact us up and describe how many men you need. We’ll be able to direct you accordingly.

Besides this, if you have queries about how we do things, our representatives are always ready with the answers. We’re waiting for your calls 24/7.

365 days a year! Feel free to contact us 24/7 with your specific requirements and schedule a date for your big move. We’ll be happy to be a part of your family on your big day!

All Around Moves provides long-distance moving services in New Jersey across Red Bank, Rumson, Fair Haven, Colts Neck, and Little Silver.