The Perfect Piano Moving Solution in New Jersey

Move A Piano to or From New Jersey: Here’s How We Help You Do It!

We’ll be straight with you from the “Get Go.” Moving the table you wine and dine at is different from moving the grand piano you have in your studio. It’s a family heirloom that has been there for probably a century. So, of course, it needs care, proper arrangements, and experts at the job.

Doing everything by yourself when shifting places can be hazardous. People often end up damaging part of the piano (or the entire thing if they’re unlucky) trying to handle everything by themselves. So why would you go through the trouble? Just hire a capable moving company in NJ (cue: us).

“Why are you hard-balling yourselves in your blog post?”

Yup, I get where our readers are coming from. So we’ll answer the question here. We’ll talk about the type of pianos we move, why you should choose a moving company, why you should choose us, and how we do it for your convenience.

Read on!

Why We’re the Best Piano Movers NJ Residents Trust?

The answer is simple in one sentence and one sentence only. Well, that makes it two sentences, but you get the point. We know our stuff inside out. Also, we do it better than most moving companies out there. Besides that, we have a few aces on our sleeves. Let’s count those aces, shall we?

Why Would You Need Piano Moving Company in New Jersey?

Need more reasons? Well, for one, Monmouth County, NJ (and other rural areas) requires special care and attention when moving your things around. When it comes to piano moving, that care is exponential. Read through to know how professional piano movers in NJ can make your life better.

Opting for a Professional Service Protects Your Piano

Many of us often tow our instruments around in a friend’s truck. Especially when we’re moving stuff from rural areas, right? Well, haphazardly moving musical instruments will hamper intricate parts. Before you know it, you’ll be damaging the antique piece you have and buying a new one.

Quite frankly, this has more negatives than positives. People might end up ruining their instruments in the long run. Indeed, this will leave a bad taste in their mouths for sure.

It is where piano moving services come in. Musical instruments are super-sensitive to heat (temperature shifts), moving around, and shaking when you’re switching houses. Professional NJ piano movers know that. That’s why these guys take precautions while handling the equipment.

When moving, you’ll have access to padding materials and skid boards to avoid scratch marks on the thing. In addition, moving companies use ramps to make sure pianos don’t bump while getting up or down.

Also, you’ll find we use dollies to make sure the movers can carry your instrument(s) up and down the stairs (if you have any) without any hitch whatsoever. But, trust us, and you guys aren’t nearly prepared enough to take on the hassle of moving even the tiniest of pianos involve.

An Experience Team of NJ Piano Movers will Help You in Avoiding Injury

Moving a piano alone (or with friends) can result in injuries if you’re not careful. We’re not kidding! Smaller pianos will weigh somewhere along the lines of 450 pounds. Larger ones will go beyond 1000 pounds when measured. Imagine moving such heavy objects alone or with an untrained team.

However, professional piano movers work with a trained team. The guys know how to carry the load in a way that won’t harm you OR their teammates at the job. Professionals have protective equipment and paddings to make sure they don’t suffer damages. They know their stuff inside out.

Piano Moving Specialists Avoid Damaging Your Home

As you know by now, pianos can be heavy and intricate. Jostling with them can damage your home as well. For example, dragging the instrument on your floors can damage the hardwood. Move it carelessly, and you’ll find the staircase frames damaged as well. That is if you try to do things alone.

However, professionals will ask for staircase type and dimensions right at the start. They’ll bring along rags, gloves, protective shoes, dollies, and secure ramps. The set of equipment and experienced hands will guide your instruments to the safety of your new house without damaging the old OR the new one.

Experienced Movers Will Save You Valuable Time

Okay, you’ll find many moving companies claiming to do what they do better than anyone else. However, people need to be selective in this case. Hiring “Run-of-the-Mill” moving companies can and will lead to hassle. Most of the time, these companies won’t have the proper equipment.

They’ll take time to prep the piano as well. But, not us! We take pride in doing things correctly and within a short time. We’ll get to your house, prep the piano, take it up to the trailer unscathed, and move it to your “New” home—everything under an hour. You’ll have ample time to move other things.

Opting for Professionals Makes Things Affordable and Easy!

Don’t get us wrong, and you CAN opt for DIY piano moving. However, it comes with a baggage of costs. For example, you’ll have to rent a truck for yourselves, enlist some help, pay for it, and move your piano around. Easy enough, right? Hold on!

If you’ve learned one thing today, that’s the fact that “Moving things alone has risks.” You’ll damage the house(s) and instrument. Damage your piano in some way, and you’ll have to pay for repairs afterward. The cost will only pile up as you buy things. Moving companies won’t cost you that much.

You hire us, and all you have to pay is our fee. Rest assured, your cost won’t relentlessly stack up thanks to unwanted add-ons or repair bills.

We Have a Good Team to Take Care of Your Piano

Well, you “Know” how a good team of movers can handle your instrument better, right? To tell you the truth, our guys are more than adept at handling any type and size of piano you might have

Be it a home or a business establishment (concert hall), and we’ve tackled everything. Our staff knows to tackle tight spaces like doorways, slim corridors, and the trickiest of staircases.

Once we confirm the assignment, we’ll take the measurements on our own and get our crew on the job. Within the hour, you’ll have your musical instrument packed and ready.

We Use Top-Notch Equipment for the Job

Moving a piano bare-handed (and with untrained help) can be tricky. You know that by now, right? Proper equipment, on the other hand, makes things clockwork.

Call us wary, but we’ve invested in top-of-the-line moving equipment for our piano as well. Be it a pair of dollies, polished ramp, wheels piano movers use, or a piano moving cart. We have it all!

Don’t worry. We didn’t forget to put money on packaging pads as well. When moving your instruments, you’ll see us use these tools in ways that’ll make your task at hand as easy as making a pie!

Our Movers Know Their Stuff!

Call us, and a “real” person will be at the other end answering your queries—one who knows the ins and outs of the instrument. We’ve moved hundreds of pianos of all sizes over the years. We know what it takes to move each piano with as much care as it needs. We’ll give you an accurate estimate of your cost.

Also, as our client, you’re the boss. We treat you like one! Our crew is well-mannered to a fault. We have our uniforms as well. So having us in your house won’t be any trouble at all.

Sometimes, moving stuff around can be hectic and time-consuming. We understand the time crunch better than anyone. That’s why we work within a flexible timeframe. We’ll set everything up conveniently. Movers won’t hinder you in any way. We have the crew ready for emergency moving as well.

That’s why, the next time you’re thinking about which is the best piano moving service near me, just give us a Call!

Our Service is Fully Insured!

When we’re moving your musical instruments, it’s our responsibility to keep them safe, in one piece, and functional. We assume full responsibility when we touch your piano up to when it’s in the place where it should be. So, yes, a good moving company with great people is all the insurance you need.

However, we’re prepared to show the proof of insurance whenever our clients ask for them.

We Store Your Piano for You as Well!

Moving can be pretty troublesome. If you have other furniture besides the piano, it can take days. That’s why some people can’t take custody of their pianos right after, and we understand. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to store your piano in a climate-controlled space.

Hey, your instrument won’t be sitting in an open space where it can get damaged. Just contact us, let us know how long you’ll be storing your instrument, and we’re good to go! We’ll arrange things at our place where there’s adequate air.

How Do We Help You Move Your Piano?

Our process is quite simple. We receive a Call, discuss the job; our crew goes to your place and gets the job done. Well, it’s a gist of it, at least. Don’t worry; I’ll be explaining the process in detail.

  • As you know, we’ll do the padding of the sensitive areas of your piano. Also, we’ll stretch things out if needed. Our crew wraps the edges of your instrument to avoid nicks and scratches as well.

  • What we didn’t tell you earlier that we remove every removable part. That means, All Around Moves takes apart wheels, leg stands, and even normal ones. It will help us provide your instrument with compact packaging and move it well.

  • Our crew places your piano on 4-wheeler piano moving dollies for better movement all around. It allows your instrument to be safe when we’re moving it around.

  • Professional piano movers will pack in and put every part of your piano in the truck along with the device. Don’t worry. We pack everything in a manner that doesn’t impede the piano’s movement. The method keeps pianos safe during transport as usual.

  • Don’t worry; we’re not pulling things out of our hats when we say, “Safe Transport.” We’re always ready with equipment for long-distance piano moving. It involves other states from or to NJ (obviously). Hence, our Monmouth County drivers know what they are dealing with. They drive your pianos cautiously (more than usual) during the ride to your new home.

How to Book a Call with Us to Move Your Piano?

Speak to us directly on (888) 502-0523 for a quote. However, you’ll need to provide us with specific details. These are as easy as pie. Let us tell you!

  • When you get onto a Call with us, tell us the type of piano you’re moving. It can be any piano from digital, baby, baby grand, grand, or a concert piano.

  • Please give us your pick-up address and where do you want your piano moved.

  • You’ll have to tell us the number of your stairs and how many landings you have. It’ll help us prepare better for the job.

  • You need to specify where you’re going to place the piano at the new address.

  • Do you have obstacles at the two properties or in between? Let us know! For example, steep doorways, hills on the road, narrow corridors, difficult landings, steps outside the houses, driveway, uneven pavement, Etc.

  • Do you want an insurance rider to accompany you during the process? Contact us! We’ll be more than happy to get you in touch with someone.

  • Lastly, if you have a particular condition that we didn’t list above, don’t hesitate to Call us up and let us know about that as well.

The Types of Instruments Piano Movers in NJ Deal With!

Piano movers take different precautions depending on the type of instrument they’re handling. What are these types, you ask? Let us tell you about them in detail here:

Horizontal Pianos:

These are also named “Grand Pianos.” Usually, most of these have a greater width than the height. So you’ll need to be extra careful when getting these into our out your houses. Well, the dimensions are concerns, yes. But more often than not, these are heritages. Movers prefer not to damage them.

  • Petite Grand Piano’s are the smallest of this kind. You’ll find one ranging between 4 feet 5 inches to 4 feet 10 inches. These are small but delicate at the same time. While moving them, we’re attentive to the soft keys. Of course, packaging other parts are necessary as well.

  • You’ll need to be more cautious while moving to this next type. We’re talking about the “Baby Grand” piano. It is slightly bigger than the petit version. Yet, the dimensions are 4 feet 11 inches to 5 feet 6 inches. You’ll need bigger sheets and pads to cover these things.

  • Medium Grand pianos are more extensive than baby grands and need medium-size sheets to cover them up. These things have intricate parts like the rest of them as well. Hence, we use a dolly for piano moving (or two).

  • You need to specify where you’re going to place the piano at the new address.Parlor Grand or Living Room Grand pianos are where we become a tad bit more cautious. These are usually up to 6 feet and an inch in size. We take them to your living room. Hence, we have to designate a specific place in the room first and then move the piano piece-by-piece.

  • If you’re dealing with a semi-concert or a ballroom piano, it’s a bit larger than the one you have in your living room. We can bring ballroom pianos in and out through spacious doors. However, piano movers like us pay attention to the ramps and wheels that we set up all the same.

  • Concert piano is the largest of them all. We’ve tackled ones with 9 feet of height. Moving such piano yourselves could be troublesome if you don’t take the pedals, keys, covers, and other intricate parts apart first. Don’t worry! We’re here for you! We’ll even re-assemble it after moving to your new place.

Vertical Pianos:

Okay, horizontal pianos are well-known for their widths. Vertical pianos here are known for their heights. Since we’ve gone to the widest from the smallest, let’s go to the smallest from the tallest here.

  • Upright Pianos are the first of this kind. You’ll find them almost of the same height as the width. You’ll find them to be 60 inches by 60 inches (sometimes, 62). Now, these are considered antique. As a moving company, we take extra care of packaging each part carefully.

  • Studio piano is more suited to music schools. These are 45 to 48 inches when it comes to height. Moving them requires some piano moving equipment as movers don’t want to damage it.

  • Console pianos are the second smallest ones. They’re about 40 – 43 inches in height. You’ll find them available in various finishes as well. That’s why movers like us use special packaging to make sure the piano doesn’t get nicked when switching houses.

  • Spinet pianos are the smallest vertical piano types you’ll see. These are just about 36 to 38 inches in height. The width is 58 inches. That’s why these are the best choices for limited space apartments. Moving these tiny instruments can be tricking (the getting in and out part).

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Piano Moving Service in Monmouth County, NJ

By now, you know the USP of our service for sure. But, even then, there have to be one or two questions lingering in your mind. Put all of them together, and it’ll be a list. We understand. That’s why we’ve answered some of the pressing issues or questions you might have in this segment.

What’s the piano moving cost at “All Around Moves?”

It depends on what type of piano you’ve got (see the section where we discussed ‘types’). The typical cost ranges from $399 to $599.

However, we understand some of you have “Special” pianos that require an equal amount of attention and care. For them, the price can shoot up to $1999. You’ll have to clarify beforehand, in any case.

Call Now

When Should I CONTACT You to Moving My Piano?

Usually, we respond to all moving requests during office time. However, if you need to move other things along your music instrument (we cover bedroom moving services), feel free to contact us anytime you want. Also, we respond to emergency call-ups as well.

I Have a Grand Piano, Would You Be Able to Help?

Yes, absolutely! Our trucks are well-designed and perfectly equipped to move grand pianos around. If your piano is custom-made or has a bigger size, contact us so that we can take appropriate measures. In such cases, we respond within one hour (maximum) of you calling us.

Do You Offer 24/7 Customer Service?

Yes, our company offers 24/7 customer care service to address any issues that might arise when we’re on the job.

How Long Do You Guys Store a Piano?

Once you call us up and request a storage option, we store your device for a day. Of course, for a fee, you can extend the storage period as well.

All Around Moves provides piano moving services in New Jersey across Red Bank, Rumson, Fair Haven, Colts Neck, and Little Silver.